Digital Guidelines

  • Resolution IconFile Resolution and Trapping: File quality should be print quality 300dpi minimum. It is not necessary to trap for digital printing; although for spot whites or spot varnish plates is still a good idea to under cut/inset by .25mm.
  • Colour IconColour: All artwork should be provided in CMYK, with spot colours indicted, if artwork printing cmyk, all spot colours should be converted to cmyk; if printing spots leave as spots.
  • Varnish IconSpot White or Varnish: Please indicate on artwork the position of these plates, the in a colour usually blue or pink save as a spot and name spot white or spot varnish. See figure 2.
  • File Format iconFile Formats Acceptable: Please ensure all artwork is saved in CMYK. RGB is not print colour and does not display print colour for print correctly. We can accept PDF, Illustrator EPS, Photoshop EPS, Tiff and jpeg, please note jpeg files tend to darken the colour. Photoshop PSD is not a printable file; gifs are not acceptable as are low quality.
    When saving final files for print all layers and transparency should be merged or printing results might vary from what you see.
  • Font IconFonts: All fonts should be outlined or supplied or embedded before sending for print.
  • fBleed IconBleed: fig.1 when artwork goes to the edge of the page graphics should be extended at least 1.5mm to ensure clean trim.

Digital Guides 

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