Let Windmill Labels work with you to produce customised cosmetic labels for your products. Whether you need labels printed for lip balms, foundations, primers, or any other type of cosmetic product, we can do it. The chances that we have the particular combination of shapes and sizes of label cutting dies that you need for your cosmetic containers already in stock are high. If, for some reason, we do not have a particular shape and size of die that you need on hand, we would be happy to custom order it for you.

What's more, our cosmetic label printing advantages are numerous. Our labels are as durable as they are attractive. Our waterproof labels withstand exposure to oils and moisture, and won't wrinkle or tear with normal use. They are also easy to apply and stay in place. Let Windmill Labels give your cosmetics containers a professional finish that will help you sell more of your cosmetic products. Please give our sales team a call today to chat though your requirements and request a unique sample pack to illustrate our printing capabilities.

Should you have a requirement in this area do please contact us on 0161 428 1617 or through the enquiry form.