Introducing our Environmentally Friendly Tapes

09 December 2019

Like most packaging businesses we are acutely aware of the desire of our customers to reduce waste, reduce plastic and help to increase the amount of recycled packaging passing through our supply chains. For years at Windmill we’ve offered the only 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable packaging tapes in our gum paper tape ranges. Funnily enough gum paper tapes were the first products we sold when we started back in 1980 and we’ve kept the range going ever since but there’s no question in the last couple of years we’ve seen a noticeable increase in demand for these products.

We haven’t rested on our laurels though and are constantly looking to enhance our environmental credentials and over the last 2-3 years we’ve introduced other environmentally friendly tapes to complement the range such that we know have a full range of plain and printed gum tapes and can offer plain and printed self-adhesive paper tapes. Finally, in the last 6 months we’ve also launched the first self-adhesive paper tape made from 100% recycled paper.

Taking each of these products in turn gum paper tapes are the gold standard when it comes to the environment. Paper is taken from managed forests in Scandinavia and the adhesive is a formulated vegetable glue based on potato starch. As such this range is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable leaving a negligible footprint on the environment when compared to plastic self-adhesive tapes more commonly used. We offer these tapes in various weights to cover a range of applications and supply both plain and printed options too. Gum paper tapes require specific dispensing equipment and accepting that not everyone wishes to go this route we also have a range of self-adhesive paper tapes in both plain and printed option where the customer wishes to continue with existing handheld dispensers.

nterestingly whilst these are self-adhesive tapes, they can be claimed to be recyclable if they are applied to a complimentary material such as cardboard and corrugate and they do not exceed 20% of the total weight. This is outlined in EN13430 which defines the requirements for packaging recoverable by material recycling. Lastly, we’ve recently launched a new self-adhesive paper tape made from 100% recycled paper.Again, available in both plain and print this is the first self-adhesive paper tape that is both made from 100% recycled paper and can be claimed to be recyclable too.

So, if you or your clients are looking to enhance their environmental credentials and you genuinely care about the environment do please give us a call or drop us and email so we can explain in greater detail what the options are.

Windmill Tapes and Labels expands finishing capacity with AB Graphic Digicon Series 3

09 December 2019

New Tactile Sandpaper Varnish

11 June 2019

We recognise innovation is key to our growth and our recent investment in a new Digicon series 3 finishing press with screenprinting, turnbar and multiple varnish stations was designed to underpin this strategy. One area of label design we see as important to clients is the finish and surface texture of the label.

In keeping with that belief we have recently launched our new “sandpaper” varnish finish. Giving the label a rough textured finish the new sandpaper varnish is particularly targeted but not exclusive to the brewery sector. Label design is critical to allow our brewery clients to differentiate their products and the new sandpaper varnish really helps the label and therefore the can or bottle to stand out in an already crowded market place. In order to achieve the desired finished we have had to invest in open cell anilox rollers allowing a significant increase in the amount of varnish applied to the labels surface and resulting in a noticeably rougher texture to the label. Should you be interested in receiving samples please contact our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

WINDMILL BLOG : 16/7/2018

16 July 2018


Our new Digicon 3 series press has arrived and is now installed and running. The Digicon 3 series is the latest finishing press from ABG graphics and offers unrivalled press speeds coupled with ultra-fast set up due to automated knife and die setting.
The press has a modular design allowing us to pick and choose the special finishing options we wanted to go with. We have a presence in the micro-brewery sector and given the high prevalence of special finishes required in that sector we've gone for the following.

1. Flatbed screen printing: Allows us to print tactile and textured/raised finishes. For example we can now print digital labels and incorporate tactile triangles.

2. 2 print heads: This means we can add 2 separate spot varnish finishes in one pass.

3. Turnbar: We can print up to 2 colours on the adhesive or backing liner side.

The press comes with lamination, corona treatment and automated knife setting as standard so all in all we a very pleased with the new addition to our finishing department. Should you require any further information do please contact our sales team on 0161 4281617 or email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEW - Eco Friendly Packing Tape

18 June 2018

Eco friendly love nature

Whilst the trend towards more environmentally friendly packaging has been noticeable for some time there is no doubt the recent Blue Planet programme coupled with a renewed impetus within government has meant a far greater effort within the industry to reduce the use of plastics in the packaging supply chain.

In recognition of this trend we have strengthened our existing paper tape offer to include plain gummed paper tapes and self-adhesive but also printed options in both substrates. So, whether your customer wants to go the whole hog and convert from plastic tapes to 100% recyclable gummed paper tapes or whether they wish to take a step in the right direction and convert from self-adhesive plastic to self-adhesive paper we have a full range of options available.

Please see the attached flyer for more information or contact the sales team on 0161 428 1617.

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