Gummed Paper Tapes

Gummed paper tapes are the only tapes available that are 100% recyclable, repulpable, biodegradable and therefore environmentally-friendly. For more information, please download our handy flyer here.

In our Kraft tape, the kraft and bleached kraft derives from paper mills in Scandinavia, Spain and Eastern Europe that in turn use only managed forests for the provision of paper pulp. In short there are a lot more trees being planted and nurtured than are being harvested for kraft paper production which helps in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The adhesive coated to the kraft paper is a vegetable glue based upon potato starch which is completely soluble in water. No solvents are used in its manufacture and the gum breaks down readily in recycling processes.

We stock a wide range of plain kraft paper tape and reinforced gummed paper tape ideal for many purposes and also offer custom printed kraft tape and printed gummed paper tape, which are ideal for branding.

Gummed kraft paper tape is available in a variety of widths from 24mm to 1200mm and lengths from 50m to 1000m. Any of the various gummed kraft tapes in our range are easily printable in up to 3 colours. All our custom gummed paper tapes are dispensed in standard GPT dispensers, both manual and automatic. If you have a particular application in mind we can also supply the requisite dispensers for the job. Custom gummed tape is available in kraft (brown) and bleached kraft (white) from 60gsm to 90gsm base paper along with both brown & white reinforced paper for heavy packages and export work.

Custom gummed paper tape

100% biodegradable the only way to seal boxes and be kind to the environment


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