Refuse Sack Wraps

Windmill convert and print paper tapes in-house at our Stockport factory offering great flexibility in terms of product range and roll dimensions. We specialise in Refuse Sack Wraps which are made from clay-coated bleached gummed paper and are used as part of the FAS TAPE system to band rolls of refuse sacks as they are extruded and converted in line. We print these wraps in up to 8 colours using the latest flexographic label print technology and they can be seen in supermarkets of all the big 4 UK retailers.

We have been producing printed refuse sack wraps for nearly 30 years and work closely with the key gumming mills in Europe to ensure continuity of supply in this important market.

Custom Refuse Sack Wraps

Gloss materials and prints up to 8 colours for a superior refuse sack label


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