Packaging Tape

Your businesses outgoing packages need to be sealed securely to ensure that your parcels arrive safe and sound. Windmill Tapes and Labels provide high-quality and durable custom packing tape to ensure that this need is taken care of. We use only the best raw materials for our personalised packing tape including PVC (vinyl) and BOPP (polypropylene) from well-established coating plants throughout Europe & the Far East. The print quality is second-to-none and we operate to tight tolerances (+/- 1%).

But why not achieve two goals with one product? The best way to seal your packages is to use branded packing tape or logo packing tape in order to advertise your company & products for free.

If your product is fragile, needs to be handled with care or is of high value why not identify your cartons as such? Use a standard text off the shelf or, better still, brand your custom packing tape and warn carriers & handlers that your packages need attention in transit.

Custom printed packing tape is an automatic security seal unlike plain sticky tape that can easily be replaced by potential pilferers. Custom printed packaging tape highlights your product in your customer’s warehouse, makes your product stand out from the crowd and makes it easier for re-ordering.

custom packing tape

Available in vinyl, hotmelt, acrylic and solvent PP


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