Barrier Tape

Bespoke printed barrier tape and standard warning and cordon tapes are readily available from Windmill.

If you’re organising a sporting event why not customise your barrier tape used for cordoning off areas and for spectator walkways? Instead of using cheap & cheerful red/white warning tape, have your company logo and message printed onto your high-quality custom barrier tape and advertise your business for free.

From a H&S perspective, use printed barrier tape to warn people of danger – are ‘Men Working Overhead’? Is the area you wish to cordon off ‘Hazardous’ or contains ‘Asbestos’? Our bright, warning, yellow barrier tape is easily printed in black with a variety of warning messages available for use as standard texts so no origination charges involved at set up.

Windmill barrier tape can be used underground to warn potential excavators of buried pipes or conduits. 150mm width rot resistant LDPE is used with different base colours for the various utilities and this is over-printed in black with your warning message such as ‘Warning Electric Cables Below’.

Custom printed barrier tape


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