Frozen Food Labels

Our custom freezer labels are suitable for frozen pre-packed products and can be supplied with moisture protection adhesives that will withstand a service temperature of -40ºC and an application temperature of -20ºC.

Normal label adhesive will adhere down to approx -10°C before the cold will cause the label to lose adhesion. Prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures can also cause our standard adhesives to quickly lose adhesion which is why we strongly recommend our specific frozen food labels for top performance.

Our freezer food labels are built to withstand all types of freezer conditions and are recommended for use in commercial freezers, chiller units and cold storage. They will also adhere to pre-frozen surfaces and where condensation is present making the packaging and labelling process much easier. Freezer adhesive labels can be supplied to fit most over printable thermal machines for all your batch codes, best before dates and barcodes.

Our deep freeze labels can be supplied on rolls for use in a dedicated thermal label printer. This allows you to print your own batch numbers, date and time stamps, product information and much more for your frozen products. We can also provide full-colour deep freeze labels for your products with fully customised branding.

custom freezer labels

It’s critical to ensure the correct adhesive is selected to ensure optimum performance in frozen conditions.


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