Accessories – Ribbons & Toners

We offer a range of high quality products to compliment our plain and printed label offering:

  • Toner cartridges: Fully re-manufactured and eco friendly.

  • A full range of printer ribbons covering all main printers types and finish from basic wax ribbons through to full resin.

  • Label applicators (see below).


Bench MATE Label Applicator

The Bench Mate labeller is a small, robust and hand operated portable label applicator. The manually operated small label applicator ensures enhanced presentation of your products, eliminates tedious and unreliable hand application, and increases production output. This machine is popular and widely used by a diverse range of small volume producers including wine, beer, cosmetics, gourmet food, condiments and sauces, canned and bottled foods and beverages. It’s light and portable and very simple to set up and constructed of stainless steel and aluminium.

BottleMattic 1 and 2

The Bottle-Matic has been developed to apply 1 or 2 labels (front and back) to a wide range of cylindrical containers including bottles, jars, cans, tubs and tubes and is easily adapted to work with tapered, ridged and odd shaped containers. They are easy to set up and operate, making them an economical solution to relatively short runs and bespoke labelling. To ensure labels are applied correctly to small and lightweight containers, all Bottle-Matics are fitted as standard with a pressure arm. Most self-adhesive label substrates can be applied including polymers, but we recommend testing all labels and containers before purchase. The Bottle-Matic I is designed to apply 1 label to containers from a small patch to fully wrap around. The Bottle-Matic II is an advanced model with the provision to apply 1 or 2 labels from the same roll, with a built in incremental dial to accurately space front and back labels on the same container.

Label applicator


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