Plain Labels

Plain Labels form a central and growing part of Windmill’s business. We understand service, quality and reliability are critical requirements when selecting your supplier of plain sticker labels and have developed internal systems to ensure we consistently meet our delivery promises and do so at industry leading prices.

Whether you buy very large quantities of plain direct thermal labels or just a few rolls of thermal transfer for a small desktop printer we have the right kit to ensure a competitive offer and fast turnaround.

We have a number of plain label presses incorporating the full range of core sizes from 19mm right through to 76mm cores with turret rewinding to ensure the most efficient running for very large volumes and thereby very competitive pricing. Also with literally 1000s of cutters there’s a good chance you’ll be able to avoid tooling charges.

We have developed in house stock management systems to help prevent stock outs and to help you best plan your requirements and manage our service offer to ensure 95% of orders on produced on time in full.

Custom plain labels

Material quality, wind quality and quick turnaround are critical in this sector


Product Range

We have organised our product categories to reflect the market sectors in which we operate and to demonstrate to you our understanding of the particular issues faced by our customers in each sector.

Feel free to browse by category and do please give us a call or email us should your require a more detailed overview of our capabilities.

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