Vape Labels

The Vape market is growing rapidly and with it the range and variety of flavours, strengths and sizes. In addition, design and branding are super critical for our Vape customers as they seek to develop their market share and brand loyalty. Our HP digital presses, with their industry leading print quality and colour consistency, are ideally suited to handle the vast number of variables within our customers ranges and to do so with reliable repeatability between orders for both appearance and colour.

We haven’t stopped there however. We have invested in re-registration capabilities on both our HP presses and Digicon 3 series thus enabling us to produce 2 and 3 ply peel and reveal labels. Furthermore two of our Digicon 3 series finishing presses now have flatbed screen units so we are able to apply raised tactile triangles as part of the final finishing pass. All in all we have exactly the right kit for any discerning Vape producer and are able to offer cost effective solutions covering all the varying needs of this market in terms of special materials, laminates, peel and reveal and tactile raised varnish.

Variable and sequential coding are also available should batch code and date information be required all handled in house by our dedicated artwork team.

Custom vape labels


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