Social Distancing, Chemical & Hazard Warning Labels

In response to the government guidelines for social distancing Windmill have launched a range of tapes and labels to help businesses ensure they comply with the rules for social distancing in the workplace. Suitable for most floor surfaces as long as they are clean and dust free our range of social distancing labels ensure your staff and customers are aware of where to stand and how to move safely in and around your premises.

Made from a high tack PP base layer and a matt laminate layer to ensure reasonable levels of grip even when wet our new range of social distancing labels are designed to enable you to quickly prepare your premises for the new normal post lockdown.

We also produce high quality, self-adhesive vinyl hazard labels and warning labels to help you comply with health and safety rules and regulations. (First Aid Regulations 1981 & Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance 1998).

We have experience in printing a wide range of hazard warning labels including asbestos labels, flammable labels and corrosive labels and we can also produce ghs labels, cosh labels and hazmat labels.

We offer self-adhesive vinyl and coloured paper labels that conform to all transport regulations. These include flammable, corrosive, toxic, poison and chemical labels along with other internationally recognised symbols.

The recent addition of our new screen printing unit to our Digicon 3 press means we are now capable of printing and adding tactile warning triangles in line on press. In addition it gives us the capability of adding braille warning labels. Being able to apply tactile warning triangles in line vastly reduces production time and cost. This coupled with our two HP Indigo presses means we are uniquely placed for sectors such as the vape market.

Social distancing labels

We produce high quality, self adhesive vinyl labels to help you comply with health and safety


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