Retro fit of a re-registration unit, and additional print station on one of our Digicon 3 series

We took delivery of our new Digicon 3 series with re-registration, screen printing station and 3 print stations back in June last year. Since then it’s been running flat out with peel and reveal work to such an extent that we are now having our other Digicon 3 series retro fitted to the same configuration.

That means adding a re-registration unit and additional print station so that during peak demand we are able to run peel and reveal work on both presses.

We are also delighted to have Stephen Waterhouse join us. Stephen is a level 3 trained HP operator and joins us with many years experience printing on HP presses. This will allow us to move onto a shift system on our HP presses to compliment the shift pattern already in operation in our finishing unit.

The combination of the new investment and Stephen’s addition to the team means a large jump in capacity to enable us to continue growing whilst maintaining the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Exciting time at Windmill!

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