New Digicon series 3 due for installation in July!

Following significant growth in the Peel and Reveal sector and particularly the Vape market we have recently ordered a new Digicon Series 3 with re-registration which will allow us to produce single and double sided Peel and Reveal labels more efficiently and more importantly give us the capacity we need to continue to grow whilst maintaining our excellent service levels.

We are currently having a new 6000 sqft mezzanine extension installed to allow for the expansion in the finishing area and the ground floor section will be converted into a fully airconditioned area incorporating our 2 HP Indigo presses and 4 Digicon units. This will allow for consistent machine and material performance even through the summer months which can often create problems where soft aggressive adhesives are being used and also ensure screen printing operations can continue without interruption.

It’s all very exciting for us and we can’t wait to get the new Digicon in place and producing high quality Peel and Reveal labels for our discerning customer base.

Quinteassential Tea labels

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