A new finishing area and new Digicon 3 series.

It’s taken a few months but we are now the proud owners of a new Digicon 3 series with laminate registration, screen printing, 3 print heads and height adjustable die cutting. The press was bought with the express purpose of giving us market leading capabilities for the Vape sector in particular. The Vape market is a growth market for us and with a substantial proportion of labels for this sector requiring single and double layer peel and reveal, having re-registration capabilities on both or HP presses and Digicon finishing presses was seen as essential.

With the new Digicon 3 series to add to our 3 other Digicons and now housed in a newly built air conditioned finishing section we have a truly cutting edge finishing facility with the best equipment in the market to meet our customers needs now and in the future.

We’ve added a few photo’s to give you a sense of the new facility. Do please give us a shout if you wish to know more!

Quinteassential Tea labels

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