New Eco-Friendly Tape

Whilst the trend towards more environmentally friendly packaging has been noticeable for some time there is no doubt the recent Blue Planet programme coupled with a renewed impetus within government has meant a far greater effort within the industry to reduce the use of plastics in the packaging supply chain.

In recognition of this trend we have strengthened our existing paper tape offer to include plain gummed paper tapes and self-adhesive but also printed options in both substrates. So, whether your customer wants to go the whole hog and convert from plastic tapes to 100% recyclable gummed paper tapes or whether they wish to take a step in the right direction and convert from self-adhesive plastic to self-adhesive paper we have a full range of options available.

ECO-FRIENDLY-Flyer for more information or contact the sales team on 0161 428 1617.

Eco-Friendly Tape

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