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Our new Digicon 3 series press has arrived and is now installed and running. The Digicon 3 series is the latest finishing press from ABG graphics and offers unrivalled press speeds coupled with ultra-fast set up due to automated knife and die setting.
The press has a modular design allowing us to pick and choose the special finishing options we wanted to go with. We have a presence in the micro-brewery sector and given the high prevalence of special finishes required in that sector we’ve gone for the following.

  1. Flatbed screen printing: Allows us to print tactile and textured/raised finishes. For example we can now print digital labels and incorporate tactile triangles.
  2. 2 print heads: This means we can add 2 separate spot varnish finishes in one pass.
  3. Turnbar: We can print up to 2 colours on the adhesive or backing liner side.

The press comes with lamination, corona treatment and automated knife setting as standard so all in all we a very pleased with the new addition to our finishing department. Should you require any further information do please contact our sales team on 0161 4281617 or email

Windmill Blog

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