Windmill installs new Solar system.

Windmill reduce Carbon Footprint with Solar Panels.

We are pleased to announce the installation of a 72KWp Solar PV system at our label production facility on Birdhall Lane in Stockport.

The system will generate approximately 67,100 KWh’s of electricity in a year and generate significant energy savings over its lifespan.

Label manufacture is a fairly energy intensive process involving drying, cooling & compressed air systems so electricity costs are high.

More importantly Solar PV significantly reduces our carbon footprint and forms the first building block of our sustainability plan as we begin

to move away from energy intensive flexographic production using UV curing systems and plastic polymer printing plates, towards digital

production. This is CTP technology & the drying/curing systems employed use far less energy.

The installation of our new Solar PV also compliments our decision to remove all plastic from our packaging components and is further concrete

evidence of our desire to operate with as small an impact on our environment as we can.

A local business, Perfect Sense Energy were contracted to carry out the install & did so in just under  a week. All in time for the summer too!

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