Digital Labelling Revolution!

When you sell a product that has to be distinguished from the next one on the shelf, your packaging is of utmost importance. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy and eye-catching, it still has to do plenty of other stuff. For example, it has to convey brand at some point, otherwise your brand gets no recognition and swiftly dies a death. It also has to convey some kind of tone for the product, whether this is youthful or serious, playful or conservative, it all has to come together in the packaging. And right at the very heart of that packaging is the humble label. The manufacturer’s best friend, and the retailer’s only hope of having any variety in the display.

However, for what seems like centuries, printed labels were all the same, at least in the way they were made. You had to order a bucket load of them for a start, because they cost time and money to make. Printed label creators didn’t want to settle for a pitifully small order for the tiny company, to keep their costs under control they had to make in bulk and sell in bulk. Then, you had the fact that you would have to use different plates of different colours. And this was a pain for many manufacturers, who had to use a variety of colours or risk being ignored.

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The digital revolution

A revolution is taking place. Digital printing of labels means that the big headaches with traditional labels are wiped out with one fell swoop. And it seems like the biggest winner in the whole game is the small business. They no longer have to fork out for large orders and waste many of the labels they receive, because digital printing cuts down on the costs in a big way. Companies that create labels with this technology don’t need countless costly plates, and there are fewer costs involved with setting up the process. So there’s a win right there.

Digital labels are printed much faster because of the lack of need for plates. Everything is done in one go so that there is no costly period of picking out plates for colours etc. and then setting them up just doesn’t factor into it. And the printed labels themselves take less time to print so you have less labour time on your hand too. Fancy a quick time to market? No problem.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the manufacturer that uses digital labels is the high quality involved. The digital printed label is a beautiful thing, with crystal clear images and colours. This looks fantastic on a shelf and helps to distinguish your product from the rest of the ordinary stock to the left and right. This cannot be emphasised enough. Digital labelling makes for beautiful labelling, and this perhaps outweighs even the cost issue as a clear benefit.

Digital labelling is starting its own quiet revolution. We feel it will soon grow to a deafening roar. It’s cleaner, more cost effective and more beautiful to look at. A truly modern technology for a truly modern way of selling things.

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