Halls & Roberts

Faced with the challenge of redesigning their labels and ensuring they remained stuck when conditions were moist and greasy Hall and Roberts turned to Windmill.

The Client:

Hall & Roberts are suppliers of “Cheshire Oak”, the fastest growing bacon brand in the UK, supplying many well known high street retailers with their products.

The Issue:

Hall and Roberts faced 2 key issues with their packaging. Firstly, they needed to enhance their branding to deliver more customer appeal, and secondly, they had an issue with the application of labels to the plastic packaging on their product, as the label would not adhere reliably and kept sliding off due to the damp conditions.

The Solution:

Windmill labels worked with Hall & Roberts to deliver a solution.

Initially, they worked with the suppliers of the adhesive papers to find a label material that would stick reliably to the product. Once the correct paper/adhesive combination had been established, Windmill helped to redesign the label to enhance branding and improve customer appeal, whilst maintaining full compatibility with the “scale printer” used for product labelling.

Halls & Roberts labels

The Conclusion:

As a result of the solution provided by Windmill Labels, Hall & Roberts were able to:

  • Improve service delivery to their customer
  • Enhance the look of their packaging thus enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Consolidate and improve their position with a major high street retailer

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